Far Cry 5 Setting Ideas Explained In Video

Far Cry 5 Setting Ideas Explained In Video

They are the group of setting that are ranked by the public, according to their brilliance. They are scenes that portray full-fledged actions and thrills. This survey was sent by the Ubisoft to the players of Far Cry. This video consists of 11 settings in Far Cry 5 and each setting comprises of different characters and their strategies to win the war.

Far Cry 11 Setting Ideas

FAR CRY 5 New Setting ideas:

The 11th setting portrays about the World of Shangri and it is really an interesting video that dates back to the ancient culture of the warriors. It portrays how the fire is produced from the weapons or flamethrowers and his battle with the tiger. The characters are disguised as dragons and they use their martial art skills to fight against their enemies.

The next video is about the cocaine trafficking in the jungles of Peru. It portrays the battle in the dire jungle using different modern weapons. The scene includes the scene where the cops are chasing the cocaine trafficker.

The Zombies are on the top of the list because everybody loves the Zombie characters. The Zombies wage the battle in the Dead Island and Mad Max is always the favorite character of the people who constantly watch English movies. The scenes appear somehow similar to the happenings during the World War I and World War II because it includes the firing of the cannons on the trail. Different scenes of violence are depicted on the trail such as chasing by cars and fire produced in the cars during the fight.

The next setting is about the Fallout of the Las Vegas, which showcases the city being destroyed by the war and the role of the police forces in the war.

The next scene is about the Vietnam War that nobody is expected to win because it is so complicated. The war is fought using different modern and lethal arms by the militants. The militants attack each other by fighting from helicopters.

Rambo is also always considered as the favourite character of the people who are movie crazy. It is a video game of the Rambo character who fights in the jungle using his handmade weapons.

The next wonderful scene in the settings is about a war that takes place in remote Alaska. It portrays about the life of Alaska and the ways to survive in the wilderness. It involves the war between troops using ammunitions, guns and machine guns. As it involves the scenes of fighting in the wilderness, even a polar bear is pasteurized in the scene. You can also see different cottages being destroyed in the land. You can also see the battle in the snowyscapes and battling with the bears in the snowy mountains.

Anybody can be impressed when they view the sci-fi settings of the alien planets. It is basically a war between the aliens on their planet. They wage war between each other using peculiar technical tool.

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Another interesting video about the ‘Call of Juarez’ that portrays the battle fought with gunslingers. It portrays about the cowboy culture that existed about hundred years back and the different strategies he used to fight in the trail. A cowboy is depicted as a person who is sitting on a horse and heading to the battlefield.

You can enjoy the video below.