Far Cry 5 Release Date, Features & Rumor Round Up

Far Cry 5 Release Date, Features & Rumor Round Up

Here in this article we will do rumor round up of some important updates related to the upcoming Far Cry 5 action-based game. Even though we have no official announcement about the game, but still we have lots to share about Far Cry 5 news, features expected and prediction of its release date.

Far Cry 5

Far Cry is a first-person shooter computer and video games series developed by Ubisoft Montreal. The game releases for all popular platforms, PS3, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox 360 along with Microsoft or PC user.

Far Cry 5 News:

Far Cry Survey Hints Far Cry 5:

Ubisoft and the entire developer team have recently sent survey to various selected users, which hints the new version, Far Cry 5 game is already in the works. The survey offers more than 10 variants of locations where they would love to play Far Cry game. This survey, simply shows the developer team of Ubisoft needs few recommendations and ideas from players before starting work on the upcoming series of the Far Cry game.

Far Cry Survey Hints Towards Far Cry 5

Based on the survey hints obtained from Far Cry 4 fans, Ubisoft suggested implementations in Peru jungles, gaming islands to resemble Jurassic park style, introduction of vampires and zombies, Vietman war and so on.

Far Cry 5 Features Wishlist:

Until now, people have wanted for large numbers of things and exciting features, which they want to view in the Far Cry 5 game. Here, we have attempted to share about 6 such features wishlist with you.

1. Avoid Recycled Assets

As per the updates displayed, majority of game lovers do not want for any of the recycled assets derived from FC4 or FC3 in the upcoming version. In other words, individuals want to avail of a new type of weapons and animations in Far Cry next series.

2. Inclusion of NPC Classes

Large numbers of people often want for the addition of various innovative NPC classes, like for instance soldiers categorized under spec ops. Furthermore, most of the fans have preferred for Dunia 3 Engine, as it successfully held back the actual potential for the last version referred as FC4.

3. Variation in Map Structure

Most of the players want to get different type of map structure rather than a single large-size map. Alternatively, game lovers want to avail of two big-size islands and at the same time, want to know the way, by which archipelago works with only one section being completely fledged urban type of city.

4. Pilotable Planes and AH-6

Large numbers of players willing to get variety in Pilotable Planes instead of incorporating a single type of Pilotable. On the other side, in case of helicopters, individuals want for more types, especially the one identical to little bird or AH-6.

5. Advanced Level of Evolution

Outposts of Far Cry 5 should compulsorily reach to the next evolutionary level. The reason for this is that the majority of players feel bored after reaching 4 outposts. New outposts should include few military bases as helicopters and armored vehicles, secret bases or Spec ops and a latest way of unlocking weapons named as weapons stash depots.

6. Improvements in Crafting and Hunting Systems

Gaming fans also recommended for few improvements to bring in the crafting and hunting system of Far Cry 5 with the objective to make it highly interesting as compared to its previous four different series.
In fact, many people have wanted for the use of few traps to catch different animals. On the other way, animal creatures used in the fifth version should essentially be smarter than before.

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Far Cry 5 Release Date:

Gaming enthusiasts always show eagerness to get almost every latest update associated with their favorite games available over the internet. Because of this, many fans of Far Cry series are interested in knowing about the launch of Far Cry 5.

After analyzing the past release date of Far Cry game we predict Far Cry 5 to release somewhere between 2016 – 2018. This is because Ubisoft gives lots of importance to this franchise and launches a new version of the game within 2 – 4 years.