Far Cry 5 Location Ideas & Prediction

Far Cry is a first person shooter video game that has a series of four games with many spin-offs. The first game developed by Crytek Studios was released in March 23, 2004. After the success of Far Cry 1, three other parts of the game were also made and the latest Far Cry 4 was recently released on November 2014. It became a huge success among the Far Cry lovers that they have started to expect the Far Cry 5 to be more amazing with interesting locations. There are many exotic locations that are expected to be seen in Far Cry 5 game.

Far Cry 5 Location Ideas

Far Cry 5 Location Ideas:

1. South America:

South America is on the top preferences for the game location as it has many natural sceneries like Mayans, cannibals, Atacama Desert, huge mountains and many added. It would be an exciting place for the fights and new traps in the game.

2. Caribbean:

Caribbean is one of the beautiful places in the world so playing the next far cry series “Far Cry 5” in the wonderful beaches and huge mountains will be very interesting for the players. The rebel fight in the forest and beaches of Caribbean would be most amazing with new characters in the game.

3. Vietnam:

Vietnam has the complex forests, which will make the fights more exciting with the enemies. It will be more fun fighting and doing things like American imperialism, assassinating the South Vietnam’s leader, entering into the jungle traps and many other.

4. Southeast Asia:

The South East Asia has some of the most interesting locations like Quang Binh Vietnam, Halong Bay, Angkor Wat/Thom Temples and others. The rebel groups would be more efficient to have wonderful gaming options. Ridding vehicles to chase the enemies in the mountains will be very interesting.

5. Africa:

Most people love to play in the jungle, as it will be interesting to play the game with hunting animals and enemies. Africa is the best place for this kind of game.

6. Volcano locations:

Fighting in the Volcano locations will also be very interesting as there will be a thrill of running near the hot place and killing the enemies in the best possible way. Hunting and killing the enemies on the Greek island will be interesting to play.

7. Glacier locations:

Most of us likes to play in the glacier locations as the fun gets double while playing in the multiplayer mode and the Far Cry 5 is expected to have the cruise ships with the snowy gameplay in the big glaciers. Firing the enemies in the SNOW will make the tanker ships to fire imminently and instantly to make the game more interesting.

8. Military camps:

Fighting near the military camps will be easier and interesting. The improvement of vehicle is also on the high level so fighting the game with new model vehicle would also be enabled.

Far Cry fans can share your Far Cry 5 location suggestion in the comment section below. While sharing make sure you also add little bit description about that location and why it will be a perfect place for next Far Cry.