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Far Cry 5

Far Cry 5 Release Date, Features & Rumor Round Up

Here in this article we will do rumor round up of some important updates related to the upcoming Far Cry 5 action-based game. Even though we have no official announcement…

Far Cry Primal Cover Poster

Far Cry Primal Release Date, Trailer And More Details Officially Announced

Ubisoft has now officially announced a new game in Far Cry series called Far Cry Primal which belongs to the Stone Age-era. The game is schedule to release for PS4…

Far Cry Primal and not Far Cry 5

Far Cry Primal Is The Next Far Cry And Not Far Cry 5: Leak Suggest

At 12PM on October 5th Ubisoft put up a livestream on Youtube promises exciting news to come. The livestream only show a cave paiting of a man or man like…

Far Cry 5 Wishlist Features

Far Cry 5 Wishlist Features

Far Cry fans has huge wishlist for Far Cry 5 first-person shooter video game which they have shared on various forums over the web. Here we bring some of the…

Far Cry 11 Setting Ideas

Far Cry 5 Setting Ideas Explained In Video

They are the group of setting that are ranked by the public, according to their brilliance. They are scenes that portray full-fledged actions and thrills. This survey was sent by…

Far Cry 5 To Be Based in Australia

Australia Gamers Explain Why Far Cry 5 Should Be In Australia

Far Cry series is a crown game for all gamers. The game has grand graphics and some exclusive features. The marvelous quality of the game background and the animation effects…