Far Cry 5 Wishlist Features

Far Cry fans has huge wishlist for Far Cry 5 first-person shooter video game which they have shared on various forums over the web. Here we bring some of the most wanted features in Far Cry 5.

Far Cry 5 Wishlist Features

Far Cry was first published by Ubisoft on March 23, 2004. The game was sold more than 730,000 units within four months of release. The story starts with a former US Army Special Forces operative Jack Carver. He is searching a female generalist named Velerie in the game. The game has many interesting elements related to the weapons and wars. After the success of first version there are lots of other versions have come in the market as the latest version of this series Far Cry 4.

As it’s not declared yet that when will the next version of Far Cry release, but still we expect some unique features that should be in the Far Cry 5 so let’s check them out.

Far Cry 5 Wishlist Features:

1. Bigger World & Journey:

Far Cry 4 is a big game and if Far Cry 5 will come then it should be even bigger. It should not be bigger in comparison to its last version so that we can run this too on the lower version of PlayStations or Xbox or PC. There should be more outposts, towns and places to explore with rivers, mountains, lakes etc. More underground water curves should be available in the game with beauty and thrill. So we want bigger world and journey to play.

2. New Health & Survival System:

We have seen many magical syringes that give you the life in the game but I want something different and new this time. It should be more real like if you get shot in right arm then you can’t pick the gun with that arm or if you get shot in the legs then you can’t sprint or jump. Apart from that survival system should be implemented as you will get hungry, thirsty, tired etc.

3. Improved Hunting and Crafting Systems:

If we see the previous version of Far cry then they have very easy difficulty level, so interest in the game can be decreased after some time. So I expect the improvement in the hunting system and make it more interesting. Some type of traps should be also used for catching the animals while on the other side animals should be smarter.

4. New Cool Weapons should be added:

We have seen very less choice of weapons in some of the versions so I want new cool weapons should be added in Far Cry 5 as pistols, shotguns, assault rifles, sniper rifles, LMG/HMG, rockets, a bow etc.

5. New Vehicles:

New vehicles should be added to the new version as I want to see some dirt bikes, snow mobiles, and mine carts. If there will be helicopter or vehicle like tank then it will add some more fun to it.

6. More Mysteries:

The game should have more mysteries so player will lost completely in it. I want mystery as Shambhala, Rainbow Body where the physical body of those who studied Buddhism, Red or “Blood” Snow etc. It’s not enough even I want more for making its lover crazy.

7. The weather should be effective:

Weather should change the gameplay. As ocean waves from Assassin’s Creed IV should affect you, if you are swimming or on a boat etc. Strong weather should be able to tip over vehicles, water vehicles etc.

8. New effective and attractive accessories:

The accessories like the coats, boots, gloves, hats, and other clothing of the player should be attractive and effective to run fast. Apart from that coat should increase cold resistance and gloves with better weapon handling. It has the ability to sell the clothes also.

As now there is no any sure news about Far Cry 5 still we just wish that it would be amazing whenever it will release. So let’s hope for the best performance of Far Cry 4 and wish that we will hear some actual news about the Far Cry 5.