Far Cry 5 Release Date, Features & Rumor Round Up

Far Cry 5 Release Date, Features & Rumor Round Up

Here in this article we will do rumor round up of some important updates related to the upcoming Far Cry 5 action-based game. Even though we have no official announcement about the game, but still we have lots to share about Far Cry 5 news, features expected and prediction of its release date.

Far Cry 5

Far Cry is a first-person shooter computer and video games series developed by Ubisoft Montreal. The game releases for all popular platforms, PS3, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox 360 along with Microsoft or PC user.

Far Cry 5 News:

Far Cry Survey Hints Far Cry 5:

Ubisoft and the entire developer team have recently sent survey to various selected users, which hints the new version, Far Cry 5 game is already in the works. The survey offers more than 10 variants of locations where they would love to play Far Cry game. This survey, simply shows the developer team of Ubisoft needs few recommendations and ideas from players before starting work on the upcoming series of the Far Cry game.

Far Cry Survey Hints Towards Far Cry 5

Based on the survey hints obtained from Far Cry 4 fans, Ubisoft suggested implementations in Peru jungles, gaming islands to resemble Jurassic park style, introduction of vampires and zombies, Vietman war and so on.

Far Cry 5 Features Wishlist:

Until now, people have wanted for large numbers of things and exciting features, which they want to view in the Far Cry 5 game. Here, we have attempted to share about 6 such features wishlist with you.

1. Avoid Recycled Assets

As per the updates displayed, majority of game lovers do not want for any of the recycled assets derived from FC4 or FC3 in the upcoming version. In other words, individuals want to avail of a new type of weapons and animations in Far Cry next series.

2. Inclusion of NPC Classes

Large numbers of people often want for the addition of various innovative NPC classes, like for instance soldiers categorized under spec ops. Furthermore, most of the fans have preferred for Dunia 3 Engine, as it successfully held back the actual potential for the last version referred as FC4.

3. Variation in Map Structure

Most of the players want to get different type of map structure rather than a single large-size map. Alternatively, game lovers want to avail of two big-size islands and at the same time, want to know the way, by which archipelago works with only one section being completely fledged urban type of city.

4. Pilotable Planes and AH-6

Large numbers of players willing to get variety in Pilotable Planes instead of incorporating a single type of Pilotable. On the other side, in case of helicopters, individuals want for more types, especially the one identical to little bird or AH-6.

5. Advanced Level of Evolution

Outposts of Far Cry 5 should compulsorily reach to the next evolutionary level. The reason for this is that the majority of players feel bored after reaching 4 outposts. New outposts should include few military bases as helicopters and armored vehicles, secret bases or Spec ops and a latest way of unlocking weapons named as weapons stash depots.

6. Improvements in Crafting and Hunting Systems

Gaming fans also recommended for few improvements to bring in the crafting and hunting system of Far Cry 5 with the objective to make it highly interesting as compared to its previous four different series.
In fact, many people have wanted for the use of few traps to catch different animals. On the other way, animal creatures used in the fifth version should essentially be smarter than before.

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Far Cry 5 Release Date:

Gaming enthusiasts always show eagerness to get almost every latest update associated with their favorite games available over the internet. Because of this, many fans of Far Cry series are interested in knowing about the launch of Far Cry 5.

After analyzing the past release date of Far Cry game we predict Far Cry 5 to release somewhere between 2016 – 2018. This is because Ubisoft gives lots of importance to this franchise and launches a new version of the game within 2 – 4 years.

Far Cry Primal Release Date, Trailer And More Details Officially Announced

Ubisoft has now officially announced a new game in Far Cry series called Far Cry Primal which belongs to the Stone Age-era. The game is schedule to release for PS4 and Xbox One on February 23, 2016 and for PC version will come in March, 2016.

Far Cry Primal Cover Poster

Set in 10,000 BC, Far Cry Primal follows Takkar, “a seasoned hunter and the last surviving member of his hunting group.” As players survive in the land of Oros, “they will have to craft weapons and tools partly from the bones of slain beasts, hunt for food, master fire, fend off fierce predators and face off against other tribes to conquer Oros.”

Watch Far Cry Primal Trailer:

“The Stone Age is the perfect setting for a Far Cry game.” said Jean-Christophe Guyot, creative director, Ubisoft. “Far Cry usually puts you at the edge of the known world, in a beautiful, lawless and savage frontier. The Stone Age is, in a way, the very first frontier for humankind; it’s the time when humans put a stick in the ground and claimed land for their own, the time when we started climbing the food chain. That came with conflict, against other humans of course, but also against nature itself.”

Far Cry Primal Is The Next Far Cry And Not Far Cry 5: Leak Suggest

At 12PM on October 5th Ubisoft put up a livestream on Youtube promises exciting news to come. The livestream only show a cave paiting of a man or man like for hours with no news. Fans and people all around the world were left thinking what is it? Is a new game from Ubisoft?

Far Cry Primal and not Far Cry 5

Then IGN Turkey leaks the details and guess what it is? It is a new game in Far Cry series will be title, Far Cry: Primal and not Far Cry 5. But this news is not official and we are still waiting for official announcement which is imminent to come very soon. You can watch the livestream here.6

Far Cry 5 Wishlist Features

Far Cry fans has huge wishlist for Far Cry 5 first-person shooter video game which they have shared on various forums over the web. Here we bring some of the most wanted features in Far Cry 5.

Far Cry 5 Wishlist Features

Far Cry was first published by Ubisoft on March 23, 2004. The game was sold more than 730,000 units within four months of release. The story starts with a former US Army Special Forces operative Jack Carver. He is searching a female generalist named Velerie in the game. The game has many interesting elements related to the weapons and wars. After the success of first version there are lots of other versions have come in the market as the latest version of this series Far Cry 4.

As it’s not declared yet that when will the next version of Far Cry release, but still we expect some unique features that should be in the Far Cry 5 so let’s check them out.

Far Cry 5 Wishlist Features:

1. Bigger World & Journey:

Far Cry 4 is a big game and if Far Cry 5 will come then it should be even bigger. It should not be bigger in comparison to its last version so that we can run this too on the lower version of PlayStations or Xbox or PC. There should be more outposts, towns and places to explore with rivers, mountains, lakes etc. More underground water curves should be available in the game with beauty and thrill. So we want bigger world and journey to play.

2. New Health & Survival System:

We have seen many magical syringes that give you the life in the game but I want something different and new this time. It should be more real like if you get shot in right arm then you can’t pick the gun with that arm or if you get shot in the legs then you can’t sprint or jump. Apart from that survival system should be implemented as you will get hungry, thirsty, tired etc.

3. Improved Hunting and Crafting Systems:

If we see the previous version of Far cry then they have very easy difficulty level, so interest in the game can be decreased after some time. So I expect the improvement in the hunting system and make it more interesting. Some type of traps should be also used for catching the animals while on the other side animals should be smarter.

4. New Cool Weapons should be added:

We have seen very less choice of weapons in some of the versions so I want new cool weapons should be added in Far Cry 5 as pistols, shotguns, assault rifles, sniper rifles, LMG/HMG, rockets, a bow etc.

5. New Vehicles:

New vehicles should be added to the new version as I want to see some dirt bikes, snow mobiles, and mine carts. If there will be helicopter or vehicle like tank then it will add some more fun to it.

6. More Mysteries:

The game should have more mysteries so player will lost completely in it. I want mystery as Shambhala, Rainbow Body where the physical body of those who studied Buddhism, Red or “Blood” Snow etc. It’s not enough even I want more for making its lover crazy.

7. The weather should be effective:

Weather should change the gameplay. As ocean waves from Assassin’s Creed IV should affect you, if you are swimming or on a boat etc. Strong weather should be able to tip over vehicles, water vehicles etc.

8. New effective and attractive accessories:

The accessories like the coats, boots, gloves, hats, and other clothing of the player should be attractive and effective to run fast. Apart from that coat should increase cold resistance and gloves with better weapon handling. It has the ability to sell the clothes also.

As now there is no any sure news about Far Cry 5 still we just wish that it would be amazing whenever it will release. So let’s hope for the best performance of Far Cry 4 and wish that we will hear some actual news about the Far Cry 5.

Far Cry 5 Setting Ideas Explained In Video

Far Cry 5 Setting Ideas Explained In Video

They are the group of setting that are ranked by the public, according to their brilliance. They are scenes that portray full-fledged actions and thrills. This survey was sent by the Ubisoft to the players of Far Cry. This video consists of 11 settings in Far Cry 5 and each setting comprises of different characters and their strategies to win the war.

Far Cry 11 Setting Ideas

FAR CRY 5 New Setting ideas:

The 11th setting portrays about the World of Shangri and it is really an interesting video that dates back to the ancient culture of the warriors. It portrays how the fire is produced from the weapons or flamethrowers and his battle with the tiger. The characters are disguised as dragons and they use their martial art skills to fight against their enemies.

The next video is about the cocaine trafficking in the jungles of Peru. It portrays the battle in the dire jungle using different modern weapons. The scene includes the scene where the cops are chasing the cocaine trafficker.

The Zombies are on the top of the list because everybody loves the Zombie characters. The Zombies wage the battle in the Dead Island and Mad Max is always the favorite character of the people who constantly watch English movies. The scenes appear somehow similar to the happenings during the World War I and World War II because it includes the firing of the cannons on the trail. Different scenes of violence are depicted on the trail such as chasing by cars and fire produced in the cars during the fight.

The next setting is about the Fallout of the Las Vegas, which showcases the city being destroyed by the war and the role of the police forces in the war.

The next scene is about the Vietnam War that nobody is expected to win because it is so complicated. The war is fought using different modern and lethal arms by the militants. The militants attack each other by fighting from helicopters.

Rambo is also always considered as the favourite character of the people who are movie crazy. It is a video game of the Rambo character who fights in the jungle using his handmade weapons.

The next wonderful scene in the settings is about a war that takes place in remote Alaska. It portrays about the life of Alaska and the ways to survive in the wilderness. It involves the war between troops using ammunitions, guns and machine guns. As it involves the scenes of fighting in the wilderness, even a polar bear is pasteurized in the scene. You can also see different cottages being destroyed in the land. You can also see the battle in the snowyscapes and battling with the bears in the snowy mountains.

Anybody can be impressed when they view the sci-fi settings of the alien planets. It is basically a war between the aliens on their planet. They wage war between each other using peculiar technical tool.

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Another interesting video about the ‘Call of Juarez’ that portrays the battle fought with gunslingers. It portrays about the cowboy culture that existed about hundred years back and the different strategies he used to fight in the trail. A cowboy is depicted as a person who is sitting on a horse and heading to the battlefield.

You can enjoy the video below.

Australia Gamers Explain Why Far Cry 5 Should Be In Australia

Far Cry series is a crown game for all gamers. The game has grand graphics and some exclusive features. The marvelous quality of the game background and the animation effects have made the game a favorite one for the teens. The game also has perfect feature and is supported by the latest Div X graphics. The best side of the game is the quality of the image and the perfection of the animation. The theme of the game is all about hunting the critical reptiles and animals. All of them are having special attributes and the game version includes them perfectly for the gamers. Now the Australian Gamers wants Far Cry 5 to be located in Australia. Infact they give large explanation why Australia will be a good place for it.

Far Cry 5 To Be Based in Australia

Why Far Cry 5 In Australia:

Australia is the land, where the most critical reptiles are available at plenty. Some of the snakes and little spiders are so venomous that they even have the capacity to paralyze someone with their one bite. There is no place in the world, where the spiders are so toxic. Thus the game where the deadly animals are to be hunted is always on demand in Australia.

Far Cry initially has been very much popular. The second version of the game is superb and has a vital edge over the first one. The game has the series for hunting spiders, toxic snakes and dangerous marine creatures. The players have expressed a deadly experience to handle these creatures. Some of the levels are really tough to overcome. The nature of the snakes and the dangerous eight legged creatures are reflected significantly in the game. This exact manifestation has made the game tougher than the usual action games. Some of the extensive features of the game are as follows:

  • The graphical projection of the game has been designed comprehensively, where perfection has been the only aim
  • The animation related to the movement of the reptiles, animals and the spiders is so perfect that the players are made to feel as if they are handling a real –life situation at every phase
  • The excellence of the designing of the creatures is supported by the Animal Planet team. There are more than fifty venomous snakes in the game book, and all of them have been crafted splendidly for the gamers.
  • The spiders and their group activity designing have been superb in the game and the approach has really made the gamers love this version.

The game has a terrific exposure for Australians. Since most of the poisonous reptiles are from Australia, the background and the environmental condition often matched with that of Australia. This is one reason, why the game Far Cry 5 can be a good choice to be located in Australia. One other reason is the great game circumstances. The game scenario, where the snakes are in the backyard garden, really attracts the Australian Teens, as it seems to match a real time scenario in their vicinity.

The game has been a real hit among the Australians and the Kiwis. The animals in the game are mostly from the south eastern part of the globe. Thus adding up everything, Australia can be a good choice for Far Cry 5. You can also check out Far Cry 5 locationideas.

Far Cry 5 Location Ideas & Prediction

Far Cry is a first person shooter video game that has a series of four games with many spin-offs. The first game developed by Crytek Studios was released in March 23, 2004. After the success of Far Cry 1, three other parts of the game were also made and the latest Far Cry 4 was recently released on November 2014. It became a huge success among the Far Cry lovers that they have started to expect the Far Cry 5 to be more amazing with interesting locations. There are many exotic locations that are expected to be seen in Far Cry 5 game.

Far Cry 5 Location Ideas

Far Cry 5 Location Ideas:

1. South America:

South America is on the top preferences for the game location as it has many natural sceneries like Mayans, cannibals, Atacama Desert, huge mountains and many added. It would be an exciting place for the fights and new traps in the game.

2. Caribbean:

Caribbean is one of the beautiful places in the world so playing the next far cry series “Far Cry 5” in the wonderful beaches and huge mountains will be very interesting for the players. The rebel fight in the forest and beaches of Caribbean would be most amazing with new characters in the game.

3. Vietnam:

Vietnam has the complex forests, which will make the fights more exciting with the enemies. It will be more fun fighting and doing things like American imperialism, assassinating the South Vietnam’s leader, entering into the jungle traps and many other.

4. Southeast Asia:

The South East Asia has some of the most interesting locations like Quang Binh Vietnam, Halong Bay, Angkor Wat/Thom Temples and others. The rebel groups would be more efficient to have wonderful gaming options. Ridding vehicles to chase the enemies in the mountains will be very interesting.

5. Africa:

Most people love to play in the jungle, as it will be interesting to play the game with hunting animals and enemies. Africa is the best place for this kind of game.

6. Volcano locations:

Fighting in the Volcano locations will also be very interesting as there will be a thrill of running near the hot place and killing the enemies in the best possible way. Hunting and killing the enemies on the Greek island will be interesting to play.

7. Glacier locations:

Most of us likes to play in the glacier locations as the fun gets double while playing in the multiplayer mode and the Far Cry 5 is expected to have the cruise ships with the snowy gameplay in the big glaciers. Firing the enemies in the SNOW will make the tanker ships to fire imminently and instantly to make the game more interesting.

8. Military camps:

Fighting near the military camps will be easier and interesting. The improvement of vehicle is also on the high level so fighting the game with new model vehicle would also be enabled.

Far Cry fans can share your Far Cry 5 location suggestion in the comment section below. While sharing make sure you also add little bit description about that location and why it will be a perfect place for next Far Cry.

Far Cry Survey Hints Towards Far Cry 5 Is In Works

Several surveys have been recently sent to the selected users by the Ubisoft and the developer team, which hints Far Cry 5 game is already in the works. The first survey could take 20 minutes of time that concerns the next part of the Far Cry series. The developer team has decided to get help from the players in order to make the next series to be more interesting and more fascinated as expected. In this way the Far Cry 5 has been provided with survey hints to satisfy the biggest part of wishes of the players.

Far Cry Survey Hints Towards Far Cry 5

Initially, the developers and the employees of the Ubisoft will be interested in the future of Far Cry 5 strategies and they decided to set and offer more than 10 variants of locations within the game play. The team of Ubisoft, has decided to make surveys and for the survey hints, the implementations decided to be made in locations are jungles in Peru, island in the style of Jurassic park, introduction of zombies and vampires and so on.

Ubisoft has also sent a survey in the previous series of the game and has implemented several interesting facts as per the wishes of the players. So, this time, there could be some realistic strategies that could fit quite well with the upcoming series of Far Cry 5. Some realistic expectations are Alaskan setting to enable the player in necessity to survive in extreme wilderness, the Vietnam War, and Peru.

From the answers to the hints provided by the players, each and every part of the game has got developed by the developer team at Ubisoft. So, Ubisoft has polled its fans on the features and settings for the future implementations. This could help the entire development team to get provided with several essential and effective campaigns in making the best efforts to enable best features within the game play. This could help the players to get satisfied with all means of game play. Also, the entire Ubisoft team will be happy to release the Far Cry 5 with all necessarily wanted features and specifications without any kind of mistakes.

From the sleeked ideologies and efforts, it is found that, the Far Cry could be going in some crazy directions. The introduction of new features and specifications along with the development of improved features and enhancements could help the players to get provided with the fascinating game play forever. The team of developers is now working towards the process of fixing the compliance errors and bugs to improve the Far Cry strategy. The registration of consumer interests in the various dynamic futures will help the Ubisoft community to choose the best strategies that could help them to grow the mandatory theme of the game. In this way, the upcoming Far Cry 5 could attain the rise in greater hikes to fulfill the desires and requirements of the players in several cost effective demands and necessities without any much ease.

Far Cry 5 PC, PS4 And Xbox One Features Wishlist

Far Cry 5 PC, PS4 And Xbox One Features Wishlist

As an exclusive game of thrill and fascination, the Far Cry series has gotten so many inspirational views and expectations. But, still the wishlist of this game is getting higher and higher. For the past four series of this Far Cry game, the wanted features have been implemented by the developers. This integration and evaluation have made this game to be a great desire and demand towards the players. Even though, the game has got several unique features and interesting, mysterious game play, the wish list of the players are not yet been fulfilled due to the increase in wanted features and integrations. Now, the upcoming Far Cry 5 has also got many wishlist features for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. Being the bigger version, the game is expected to get released with biggest fascinating features and functionalities. Let’s discuss some of the essential Wishlists for this upcoming series Far Cry.

Far Cry 5 PC, PS4 And Xbox One Features Wishlist

Far Cry 5 Wishlist Features:

The new ideologies and the existing wishes for the past series of this game have got several importance and demands. In a virtual reality, people are able to enjoy the game with the facility to get provided with excellent ideas in game play, exclusive functionalities and consoles, unique features with a broader support to all the integrated platforms. With all these amenities, some of the wishlist that could be added by considering the views of the players is listed below.

1. Expansion of Journey towards the virtual world

Since the game is going to be so bigger in terms of time and travel, the outposts and the world of wars given to the game must be expanded. In order to increase the features and the additional views, more facilities could be added to explore the rivers, mountains, lakes and much more.

2. Expansion of Quests

More quests could be added to enhance the views and prospects of the enemies in the game play. This quest should be added with fiction and as per the ideas of similarity related to the virtual environment.

3. Improvements in Weapons

All the series of this game has got so many interesting weapons. But, the features of the weapons could not be able to fulfill the aspects of hunting system. So, some kind of traps and hunting weapons must be added

4. Expansion of Life with Protection

Each and every player wants to play this game with far trends. But the life and the protection functionalities are very less. So, the strategies of protection and life saving perspectives must be added.

5. Inclusion of new unique weapons

Some new weapons related to the wars assaults such as rifles, shotguns, tools could be added to enhance the crafting systems of this game along with the game play.

6. Addition of Vehicles

The game theme is to be the survival in the jungle. Only, animals are left to attack the enemies. So, hunting vehicles are requested to get added upon the game. More likely, bikes, tanks and helicopters could get added well.

7. Addition of Exclusive accessories

The virtual environment and the accessories of this game will admire each and every player. To make it more effective, some attractive clothes and accessories could be added to play the mystery as per the desire of oneself.

8. Inclusion of Additional values

Increasing the fascinated aspect of the game play through the provision of individual, timeless and unique story mode could help the layer to feel comfortable with the virtual reality.
Finally, with the inclusion of all the above mentioned wishlist, the Far Cry series lovers could be able to expect for the release of factual Far Cry 5 in a short span.

Far Cry 5 Story Idea Of Exploring Open Space Jungle

With the facility and a console to provide all the players with all the time and money in a new world of gaming, lots of features and several new contents are getting added up to provide several aspects and challenges to the players in the game play. Comparing the predecessor’s and the time being versions such as the 3rd and 4th editions of Far cry, the next Gen version of Far Cry 5 might get top class open world experience and several exclusive war as seen before.

Far Cry 5 Story Idea

The entire Far Cry series has given the layers with best quality of features that include the savage and brutal enemies, dangerous and unpredictable wildlife, exotic locales and much more that could be explored. Here we are sharing story ideas for Far Cry 5 which is basically shared by fan in the forum.

Far Cry 5 Story Idea:

The Far Cry 5 story idea is about the exploration of the open space jungle or forest or a new place and the religious aspects of the place that will provide the consoles to hunt jungle cats, sharks, Komodo dragons, and several wildlife aspects. The story has been the impact of the battles along with aids, crutches, temples, and so on. With war elephants, the players could be able to make NPCs under the feet of them, but no rewards will be given. This game console mainly provides ways of intelligence and the activities of elephants to the users to control the aspects of survival with huge opportunities of success. This game could be played as single or multi-player level options.

The co-operate story along with this story idea separates the exploration of region of wandering from the fellow partners in the game. This is the only game that could provide you with several options to choose the best raid outposts, collectibles and exploration of worlds. The part of the myth story of this game will continue in the place of the Himalayas. So, this game has been incorporated with tropical settings withy lush jungles and clear waters. The good virtual environment along with the functional city of Nepal incorporated with the Himalayas has made this series to be known as familiar by all the players.

The fictional and the fascinating game play and the dedication of consoles by Ubisoft have led this game to get created with various impressive worlds with exclusive maps, develop, prototype and finally the process of game play. Also, the players of this game are provided with options to enhance and to create the own outposts, according to and as per the desire and demands of the players. Finally, the mortar crews, unique weapons, newly appeared enemies and drastic change of regions will provide each and every player with best rules and consoles of game play as ever.